Student Union

Student' Union

There is a Students Union in the college. This elected body organizes and promotes cultural and sports activities. Secretaries, elected by the students, function under the guidance of teacher -in- charge appointed by the principal. As per the verdict of the Honorable Supreme Court of India, the following points are to be noted. 1. The Union Body so elected shall only comprise of regular students on the rolls of the Institution. 2.The candidate should have attained the minimum percentage of attendance as prescribed by the University or 75% attendance, whichever is higher. 3.The candidate shall have one opportunity to contest for the post of office bearer, and two opportunities to contest for the post of an executive member. 4. A candidate once elected for a post cannot contest in the subsequent election (s). Beside the above mentioned points, detailed election procedure will be notified to the students at the time of General Election of Students’ Union by the Returning Officer.


Students’ Amenities A variety of co- curricular activities are provided by the college for the physical, intellectual, emotional and aesthetic development of the students. Some of the non- scholastic activities for the students to choose from are mentioned below: Quiz, debate, seminar, music, dramatics, excursions and study tour, games and sports etc. Besides the college has established a UGC Network Resource Center as an additional teaching- learning facility for the benefit of the students. Vocational courses have been introduced, so that along with their graduation, the students can simultaneously learn a vocation that will help them to be self-reliant.