Principal’s Desk

Dear Students,

I welcome you all to the Jorhat Kendriya Mahavidyalaya family. Jorhat Kendriya Mahavidyalaya was established in 1981 with the primary objective of providing students with higher education. In this College, we try our level best to provide quality education for all sections of society, especially to the economically, socially and educationally disadvantaged. Our management is a participatory style of management where exists interaction between constituents involved, so that education becomes the responsibility of a community comprising of teachers, students, parents and management.

We aim to equip our students for life, not only as competent job seekers but also as socially & morally committed citizens. Hence, in keeping with the developments in education as a whole, we are planning to introduce skill based courses under UGC sponsored Community College Programme.

Teaching is a lifetime commitment, a passion, a vocation and a profession, rather than a job. Our Teachers are continuously engaged in equipping themselves in the latest developments in their fields. In short, the aim of our education is holistic and is aimed at shaping the personality, molding the mind and forming the character of the youth who would in turn participate in Nation Building exercise.



(Dr. Gonesh Chandra Borah) Principal, Jorhat Kendriya Mahavidyalaya