Planning Board

Formation of Planning Board

PLANNING BOARD It is certified that the proposal of the College for development of undergraduate education has been finalized by the Planning Board of the college. The college has the necessary financial resources and managerial ability to meet expenditure over and UGC grant .If required to complete the project within the Twelfth plan period in accordance with the terms and conditions prescribed for the purpose and submits necessary statement of accounts and other documents including Utilization Certificate as required by the Commission. The assistance sought from the Commission is not for the purpose of fulfilling the conditions of affiliation laid down by the University. It is also certified that the Jorhat Kendriya Mahavidyalaya is affiliated to the University of of Dibrugarh University, Dibrugarh and is included under Sections 2(f) and 12B of the UGC Act and fulfills the eligibility conditions as laid down by the UGC. The college undertakes to utilize the grants for the purpose for which they are sanctioned and would furnish all necessary documents as required in the conditions of grants laid down by the UGC. Chairman and Members of Planning Board.



i) Chairperson : The Principal of the College

ii) Coordinator IQAC : Sri Pranjal Dutta (Dept. of English).

iii) Member : Mrs. Minakshi Borah (Dept. of History).

iv) Member : Mrs. Madhumita Handique.( Librarian)

v) Member from Accounts Department : Sri Surajit Dutta (Accountant).