Literary Facilities

Journal, Magazine, Newspaper

The College has become a platform for Academic as well as Literary Excellence for both students and teachers. The College has a Research Journal entitled ‘Candescent’ which intends to address both applied and theoretical issues. The scope of the journal encompasses research articles, original research reports, reviews, short communications, scientific commentaries in the field of social sciences. An interdisciplinary research journal on women cell named ‘Janani’ has been published regularly. This research journal addresses different empirical research article on women and allied subjects. It is an important platform to discuss about the plight of gender in Indian Society with special reference toAssam and North East India. However the college is also becomes a platform for literary exposure to the students and to the teachers as it has published an annual Magazine named ‘Jyotirmoy’ and an occasional neszpaper ‘JKM News Letter’. The Students expresses their opinions, feelings and emotions towards society., mankind and the world by writings such as poems, short stories, articles and review etc. The newspaper ‘JKM News Letter’ highlights the events and activities of the College as well as provides scope for literary write-ups for students and teacher Community. All the departments of the College have their own magazines which covers different aspects of knowledge of the students.