IMS Committee


In order to monitor the Working of the College particularly in preparation of College Academic Calendar, Class Routine , Course Plans by the Teachers, Delivery Mechanism, Curriculum Transaction and Conduct of Internal Assessment in the College, a committee titled’ ISMC- Committee’ with following members of the College is hereby constituted:

1. Chairperson (Ex-officio): The Principal of the College

2. Vice- Chairperson (Ex-office) The vice -principal of the college.

3. Members (Ex-office): All Heads of vthe Teaching Departments of the College.

4. Coordinator(Ex-office): The coordinator of the IQAC- Mr. Pranjal Dutta (HOD,English) The ISMC will follow the guidelines of Dibrugarh University, assemble from time to time, and decide thing and aid & suggest the Principal the Principal to ensure serving the best interest of the College and its Constituents.