Distance Education

Distance Education under Dibrugarh University

Three year degree course offering the following, subjects as Core programme i.Assamese, ii. Economics, iii. Education, iv. English, v. Political Science, vi. Sociology Subject as Major programme under distance mode of education I.Assamese, 2. Economics, 3. Political Science, 4. Sociology, 5. English Post Graduate Programmes under Distance Education (Dibrugarh University) 1.PG Course offers the following subjects a. Assamese, b. Education, c. Sociology, d. Political Science, e. Economics f. English. Note: 1. For matters relating to Distance Education, please contact: (a) Ratnamoni Dutta, Coordinator, Distance Education, UG & PG Course Phone: 9435248080, (b) Monmi Borah, Office Assistant, Phone:8638108827

Self -financing certificate course: a.Cutting and Embroidery Duration: 3 (three months) Objective of the Course Vocational Education refers to a system or course which prepares individuals for jobs that are based manual or practical activities. Vocational education is totally related to a specific trade, occupation or vocation. Emphasizing on increasing demand of higher levels of skill both is government and business sector, Jorhat Kendriya Mahavidyalaya has started a self financing vocational course on Cutting and Embroidery from March 2012. The aim of the course is to provide the students as well as the people of the neighboring area with skill in cutting and embroidery.


Teacher of the course An experienced and trained teacher is appointed by the authority.

Target Group a)Students of the college. b)Outsider students are also eligible, those who has cleared I 0th standard: willing students from outside the college who has cleared the 10th standard are also eligible to join the course.

Fee structure Total Rs. 1000.00 a)Rs. 500/-(five hundred) at the time of Admission. b)Rs. 500/-(five hundred) before the examination.

Management The course is organized under the supervision of the committee. a) Dr. M. Kanwar, Principal. b) Mrs. Minakshi Borah, Co-ordinator c) Mrs. Anjana Borah, teacher of the course. From March, 2012 five batches of students completed the course. Seeing the growing demand of the vocational courses, this certificate course is introduced as add on course for 6th Semester students from January 2018. In near future we plan to upgrade this course as Diploma course in Fashion Designing.

b.Organic farming (3 months certificate course) Since the College is situated in the sub urban area of Jorhat town and most of the students come from rural backgrounds, the College has taken the initiative to introduce a three months certificate course in Organic Farming from this session onwards. At present times the execssive use of Chemical fertilisers and presticides in agricultural practicies is not only leading to serious health problems but also causing damage to the environment. Knowledge of proper methodical use of Organic means in the field of agriculture is therefore felt as necessary for all those students from agricultural backgrounds who takes part in Agricultural practicies at same time in these lines. With this aim in view the college seeks to introduce a certificate course in Organic Farming more particularly for 6th Semester students. Interested students from other semesters also may join the course.

c.Satriya Dance (6 month Certificate course in Performing Arts) To encourage indigenous culture ‘SatriyaDance’ of Assam has pivotal role to play. Keeping in view the management of the College introduces Satriya Dance in Performing from this academic session. Target group: BA/BSc students of the college.

d.Diploma Course in Tea Plantation and Management The College has introduced the Community College Scheme (Under UGC) In the year 2015-16 by starting a Diploma course in Tea Plantation and Management.

e.B.Voc Course in Small Tea Garden Management The College has introduced 3 years B.Voe Course in the year 2017-18 Under UGC.