Kenduguri, Jorhat-10 Assam
Established : 1981



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Vision & Mission The College

We seek to provide quality education for all sections of society reaching out especially to the socially, economically, and educationally disadvantaged. We aspire to equip students for life, making them not only competent job seekers, but also socially committed citizens well equipped with a sense of tolerance and justice.


The Mission of the College is to create confident, dedicated honest and upright individuals who become assets to the society. We are especially committed to students from economically, socially and educationally weaker backgrounds and are continually engaged in improving the quality of education.

Goals & Objectives Of The College

•To raise the academic and moral standard of students.
•To mould national character
•To raise the socio-economic aspects of the community.
•To help the students realize their own potential and calibre.
•To render academic and financial assistance to socially, economically, and academically disadvantaged students.
•To guide the students in cultivating moral and social values so that they emerge as morally upright individuals and thereby prevent erosion of values in society.

The College  Emblem

The emblem of the college shows a globe, standing on a base and surrounded by pods of paddy. The base of the emblem has the words Satyamewa Jayate engraved on it. Taken from the Mundaka Upanishad, the words translate into English as 'Truth alone triumphs'. The line signifies a rootedness to the rich cultural values of the nation and is suggestive of a desire to create confident, dedicated honest and upright individuals who become assets to the society. The globe symbolizes universal brotherhood and also signifies a commitment to serve the world as a premier institution of repute. The pods of paddy on both sides of the globe denote fulfillment of the aspiration of attaining excellence.

Jorhat Kendriya Mahavidyalaya

Kenduguri, Jorhat

Jorhat-785010 Assam

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